Meet Kathy

Although I was blessed with a creative side, I did not truly start focusing on my art until later on in my life. After raising two beautiful children and moving with the military around the world, I was finally able to concentrate on my artistic skills. Self study and many hours in the classroom have refined my palette knife technique. My textured paintings are somewhat a cross between painting and sculpture, having almost 3D attributes. My medium of choice is oil paints because of the richness of their pigments, allowing for such great depth of color. As I believe learning is never ending, I am inspired to read and study the work of great artists and use this knowledge during endless hours at my easel.

My subject matter is diverse. I primarily concentrate on florals and seascapes. When I paint, I feel an overwhelming connectivity between both my subject and medium and marvel at the subtle interplay of light, color, and space and how they balance one another. As an artist, I try to convey the awe and wonder of the world to others through my compositions. My greatest joy as an artist is to see how my works can create such intense emotion in those that view them.

I found Kathleen Schumacher’s art to be very invigorating. I took great pleasure viewing her expressive freedom of Impressionism, and was emotionally and markedly affected by the movement and creativity of her horticultural paintings. Great work! Thank you for your contribution to the world of art!” Royce Mac, art collector

Bluewater Show

Florals, Still Life, Abstracts, Portraiture, Seascapes, and Animals

Kathleen gladly accepts commission work. Her paintings can currently be viewed at both Foster Gallery in Grand Boulevard, Miramar Beach, Florida and at the Studio Gallery, Grayton Beach, Florida.