Meet Kathy

When I paint, I use only my knives and my instincts. A paint brush gives and artist control, but with a palette knife, I am able to stay loose, merging colors and sculpting wet paint into a dynamic final product.  My end results are “expressive impressionistic” oil paintings with rich colors and 3D attributes.

As I have gained confidence as an artist, I have now gotten more aggressive with the knife.  I now use heavier paint, looser strokes and palette knives of various sizes. With this technique, my new works are bright, energetic and increasingly abstract.

Although I didn’t start painting until mid-life, I was always blessed with a creative side.   After following my military husband around the world and raising two beautiful children, I jumped with both feet into my art career.  I’m proud that my daughter, Krista Schumacher, has followed her mother’s footsteps and is a successful palette knife painter in Southern California.

Originally from Wisconsin, I now call Florida my home, where I paint from my waterfront studio and am inspired by the Gulf Coast’s wetlands.  My subject matter is diverse, but mostly nature-inspired. I love working with new subjects and watching the viewers’ visceral reaction to seeing the natural beauty of their everyday lives captured on canvas.

My unique style has attracted national attention. My work is shown in fine art shows throughout the country and I am represented by several galleries.

I found Kathy Schumacher’s art to be very invigorating. I took great pleasure viewing her expressive freedom of Impressionism, and was emotionally and markedly affected by the movement and creativity of her horticultural paintings. Great work! Thank you for your contribution to the world of art!” Royce Mac, art collector

Florals, Still Life, Abstracts, Portraiture, Seascapes, and Animals

Kathleen gladly accepts commission work. Her paintings can currently be viewed at both Foster Gallery in Grand Boulevard, Miramar Beach, Florida and at the Studio Gallery, Grayton Beach, Florida and at the Ruskin Studio, Seaside, Florida.